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Hey everyone -

I'm Elizabeth, Founder here at EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding).

Onboarding is a hard sport, and we get it. Web, mobile, branches, flows - it's where marketing meets product meets design.

It feels great to get a notif from an app you care about. Or check an account balance fast. Or quickly answer a co-worker. That's how mobile apps used to feel.

Things changed.

You started downloading apps you didn't really want. You lost control over when you checked your phone and why. An avalanche of automated notifications cluttered everything.

And Apple and Google just let it happen.

In fact, their business hinged on it.

Now checking your phone feels like something we can't control. A trap we fall into every time. The same apps, the same holes, the same spiral. Rather than the Swiss army knife, you have a hoarder's dream.

And yet, mobile remains a frontier. Thanks to its democratization, people across countries, language, ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors connect and communicate every day. It's dependable. It makes it possible for connection to happen beyond borders and millions of people to earn a living.

So great - the magic's still there. But under our everyday queries of "gosh what was that app again?" and "I've downloaded 5 apps and still haven't solved this problem", we lose our train of intention before we've opened our phone.

Mobile apps deserve a better rep. An easier testing cycle. Transformed for how we use apps, not how apps want us to use them.

With EMO, we're exploring just that. A redo of mobile onboarding. A simplification of how we learn to use our pocket-sized supercomputer.

EMO is our love letter to mobile apps, and we'll be sending you our weekly learnings through our fav app, Superhuman.

Cheers to mobile apps that work for us.

Founder of EMO

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